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From National Geographic Traveler:


 Book of the Month / January, 2011


"...I have been so deeply savoring the multifaceted new anthology Paris Was Ours, in which 32 contemporary writers — mostly from the U.S., Canada, and England, but also from Iran, Iraq, and Cuba — reflect on their experiences in the city. … Whether you have lived in Paris or not, this captivating collection will transport you there."

-- Don George



From Booklist:


"…Rowlands does a seamless job of presenting a city as seen by so many eyes (those of David Sedaris, Stacy Schiff, and Zoé Valdés, to name a few) that readers who've visited will recognize their own memories, and those who haven't will glean a globally in-depth portrait. … Judith Thurman perhaps sums up the whole endeavor best when she writes that 'one of the greatest charms of having lived [in Paris] is the Proustian glamour of being able to claim that one did so.'"



 From The New York Times:


Speaking of romantic, Paris doesn't merely put visitors in the mood; the city itself is the object of mad crushes. This diverse collection of reflections is a testament to that passion."

-- Susannah Meadows



 From Library Journal:


"Not a guidebook to the Paris that most travelers see, this compilation provides an honest view into Parisian life for an outsider.   Absorbing reading; essential for anyone thinking of living in la Ville-Lumière."



From The Chicago Tribune:


"A …wonderful collection… The essays capture the mood of the city in all of its dark and light shades, evoking the spirit of Eugene Atget and Marcel Proust."



From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:


"… [U]ltimately, the writers [in Paris Was Ours] fall in love with Paris, a city that embraces sorrow, depression, snarkiness, human frailty and living in the moment no matter the menial task that entails... In dismantling the dream of Paris, they reveal an infinitely more complex city and people..."


From Elle:


"Paris Was Ours … is … a lively show-and-tell about the city's legendary Latin lovers, celebrated cuisine, fashion worship, and its rarely heard from (or about) homeless citizens."

— Lisa Shea



 From Virtuoso Travel:


"The authors' often hard-won insights and admiration provide a welcome key to the heart of this iconic city."